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Lora lead management software maximizes your sales opportunities. It helps small and medium enterprises to do follow-up marketing efficiently. Consistent follow up gives higher conversion rates. Lead management system helps systematic process of following up and minimizes physical interaction to run it..


Key Features

 Add and manage new leads from website, telephone enquiry or direct enquiry. Leads details are captured directly from the website

 Classify leads into hot, warm and cold depending on follow up response. And decide the next action of plan for each such leads

 Assign lead responsibility to employees or a team. This will prioritize their objectives.

 All follow up details can be attached to each lead with notes, comments or remarks

 Create email and SMS templates and save them for future use. These templates are used to send follow up emails and messages to leads and prospects.

 Send follow up emails to leads and prospects. The number of follow up emails and messages will display on the leads and prospects account

 All the pending enquiries and leads details can be used for future campaigns and promotions

 Manage, view, update lead status. Update lead feed back and remarks.

 Search lead or prospect information. Move lead or prospects details from one category to other category.

 Send bulk emails and SMS’s to all the active leads in the application

 Send reminder follow up emails and messages to all the cold or inactive leads in the application

 Categorize enquiries / leads on services requested and move them to the respective domains

 Categorize enquiries / leads on services requested and move them to the respective domains

 Block an IP address or a group of IP addresses.


 Easy user interface and can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device.

 Easy user interface and can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device.

 Centralizing marketing accounts and improves sales forecasting

 Reduce the sales cycle and increases revenue

 Increases sales executives performance and productivity. Improve sales tracking process

 Monitor and keep a track of all the ageing sales leads. Gives quick access to lead status

 Lora Lead management speeds up sales lead distribution process. All the sales lead can be manually and auto distributed to employees on time

 Optimize communication with qualified prospects. Improves customer satisfaction by faster response to enquiries and helps to convert qualified prospects to confirmed clients

 Reduces paper work and is fully customizable and scalable

 Our Lead management helps any business to increase their ROI and decreases TCO

Our training management is a scalable, and fully customizable application. It is designed to fit any school / college training programs with any course. The following are the features and benefits of our training management for schools and colleges.



 Track parents / students enquiry details for course enrollments in business development part of this application

 Categorize enquiries. Send Email and SMS’s to enquiries add email and SMS templates.

 Create and manage enquiry types

 Add new student and teachers details in the application. Add and track all call-registers

 Add task to student, teachers, add note, appointments and approve leaves online. Track online task reports for students and teachers

 Place students in batches or sections

 Add, update website content and course details through content management system

 Add course batches, FAQ’s, all parents - student testimonials and manage all the details

 Add-manage course details, online examinations, and projects information. Manage assignments, project work and teachers information as well

 Add business location information; take back ups of the database. Collect log details of admin, faculty and students.

 Add holidays, announcements and communicate with parents / students and faculties with internal messaging center

 Add and track details of course completed students, project students and suspended students

 Fully customizable for any business, and sends automatic e-mail Notifications

 Manage online library for students and teachers

 Create custom course certificates

 Custom user roles creation with special permissions to access this application

 Track all bookmarks in favorite’s folder.

 Track and monitor online examination, track students performance and assessment scores and send completion certificates to students


 User friendly interface

 This application helps business development part to strengthen

 Provides instant access to the complete training module

 No training delay time for new students, batches and projects

 Deliver trainings on time. Reduces delivery costs per course

 Delivers training with greater uniformity. Increases ROI

 Get more value from the training budget. Provide training to more people

 Gives employees more time to do their job. Reduce training-related discrepancies

Student Management helps in storing data for admission, registration, scheduling, examination, grading, planning, evaluation and decision making in a school or a college



 Add manage students details, with class and admission information

 View and edit student and parent details

 Store exam question papers

 Track examination marks- class wise and section wise

 Track student progress and report monthly / quarterly / half yearly and annually

 Monitor students academic, sports performance and other curricular activities

 Store class and section information

 SView, approve / decline student leave request

 Add announcements / holidays / Birthdays / notes

 Suspend or inactivate student information from the application

 Use instant messaging system through email or SMS to send message to parents

 Students details can be managed as Active and In-Active


 Easy to use

 Fully customizable

 Fully scalable

 Tracks up to date work status

 Reduces TCO and increases ROI

 Ability to add students and parents information, easily and flexibly

 Eliminate paper work. Go green

Assignments & Projects management helps to assign tasks and deadlines to students and monitor their performance on completion of these tasks. All the Assignments & Projects are assigned with a start and end date, student update the task on completion. Teachers can check the status of the task and prepare report when it is completed



 Assign Assignments & Projects to students or a group of students

 ATrack all pending tasks

 Track all completed tasks

 Monitor students status on the assigned Assignments & Projects

 Track students performance (daily / monthly)

 Prepare report on students performance

 Assign Assignments & Projects with start date and end date

 Email notifications can be send for each assignments & project work

 All pending assignments & project work can be viewed location wise or branch wise

 All the completed task can be closed

 All pending work can be searched by date


 Organize and plan all the assignments & project work

 Assign assignments & project work to students, track student performance

 Monitor missed deadlines

 Balance students team work loads, increase students team productivity

 Monitor team progress

 Improve individual productivity

 Reduce time to complete assignments & project work

 Evaluate student performance based on task completion report

 Monitor assignments & project work completion

Lora Attendance Management provides online time tracking for teachers / professors in Schools and Colleges. It helps to reduce the time and cost of back office processing at the same time increases the quality of work.



 Teachers Login time maintenance

 Teachers daily lesson/ work report

 Nature of work description

 Work status and comments on work

 Track teachers daily work time

 Monthly calendar

 Edit login time record

 Teachers online leave application management

 Administrator module with Content Management System


 Teachers can keep a track of their login time

 Increases teachers productivity

 Teachers can describe their work done on a specific time and improve their performance

 Access attendance management from any where

 User friendly interface, fully customizable and scalable

Lora Teachers Recruiting Management helps Schools and Colleges in their recruiting process. It helps them to manage the hiring process.



 Create and manage school / college requirements

 Assign requirements and manage recruiters

 Get requirements status and updates

 Add manage teachers resume and other details

 Get resumes from different sources, ex- job portals, social networking sites etc. Stores thousands of resume

 Internal messaging system with rich editor

 Search teacher’s, with specific recruitment criteria such as qualification, experience etc.

 Manages posting vacancies, handling applicants, conducting candidate profiling and tracking progress

 Email notifications


 TThis helps hiring new candidates easier, speedier and more productive

 Reduces recruitment cost, improve time to hire

 This application reduces the total communication time spend on an individual candidate

 Provides a complete personalized report of the candidates

 It helps to find best candidates by sorting their given information and talent

 It helps reducing time on unwanted candidates resume

 This application is easily accessible through internet or intranet

 Fully scalable

Library management tracks all the operations performed in a library, including number of books, CD’s, DVD’s and subscribers. Our Online Library management is suitable for both schools and colleges. It is easy and less time consuming. This application helps librarians to catalogue books, CD’s, DVD’s and maintain their records of issued, reissued and overdue books. It also maintains date of issue and return of a book.



 CTracks number of books and subscribers in a library

 Add manage books categories

 Manage and edit books

 Search books by name

 Add book details with category, price and purchase date

 Maintains book issue date, return date and overdue days

 Maintains employee details who borrows the books


 User friendly interface/p>

 Subscribers can easily check availability of books, CD’s, DVD’s in a library

 Reporting of overdue books

 Cost effective

 Efficiency in speed and operation

 Elimination of duplication of Books, CD’s and DVD’s

 Security of Library

 Better inventory preservation because of less handling by staff

 Time saving

 Easily locate books, CD’s and DVD’s on racks

Office soft files backup system helps to regain every thing on the hard disk of the computer. All the backup data information is saved with a backup number. In each backup, multiple employee data can be stored. All these data can be stored for a long time.



 Add edit backup category for software files

 Add category abbreviations

 Add edit back up file name, category and other details

 Manage all back up data with backup number, date, enter on and other details

 User able to view and edit a back up data

 User able to search a back up data with back up file name, office locations, divisions and date


 Easy to setup and automate

 User friendly interface

 Fully scalable

 Fully customizable

Students fee management helps in billing parents / students in this module. It also provides course fee details, student payment, mode of payment and balance information etc. The following are the features and benefits for billing automation under learning management system.



 Create class fee & donation templates with their price details

 Add new price list and save information

 Create new student account and save information

 Create new teachers account and save information

 Enter students paid amount, pending and balance amount.

 Create and send Invoice to parents / student through email

 Calculate discounts

 Track pending, closed and deleted Invoices. Follow up on Pending Invoices

 Generate reports and send auto email notifications


 This application gives a clear picture on the school and college billing process

 Helps parents / students in easy billing process or payment process

 Increase revenue, decrease TCO

 Set discounts and inform students. Track and follow up on students payments

 Improve cash management

Hardware management system gives you a detailed information on all the computer hardware assets used. You can view and check configuration of each computer, server and laptop on your network. You can tag each asset and assign that to employees. You can also track which software is installed in each computer.



 Manage network inventory with hardware's used by all employees

 Add manage system details with CPU configuration

 View, copy and edit system configuration of computers assigned to employees

 Add manage hardware item categories

 Add manage hardware information with purchase date, warranty expiry date, shop name etc


 Track hardware in employees system

 Identify theft and loss

 Eliminate spending on unused hardware's

 Track and report on all hardware purchases

 Manage hardware inventory

 Reduce maintenance cost

 Monitor repairs under warranty

 Stay compliant with license agreement

This feature in Lorahelps manage favorites, bookmarks and links online. Favorite management is designed to help you organize and manage your browsing favorites efficiently. This saves time in seeking the URL of a useful website.



 Create folder to save all bookmarks and links

 Add links to the selected folder

 Search a link

 Manage edit all folders and links

 Prevents adding same URL twice


 Provides online help to user with their favorite links

 Each user can see only their links

 Convenient to use a list of favorites

 Work with your favorite links from any where any time

Reports management helps in preparing a data in a meaningful format. These reports can be presented to the end user in an easy to understand format.



 Client project reports

 Client project daily task report with nature of work

 Client project report with employee name, work status and time details

 Check employees work status with time sheet management

 Employee work report daily / weekly / monthly is tracked

 All reports can be exported to excel sheet

 Search projects status, employee work status through a search panel


 Track project status

 Track daily works on a project

 Monitor employee performance on a project

 Calculate time for total work done on a project

 Send work report to client in an excel sheet

Assets management is a web based software application. It helps in creating and managing a data repository of all the assets in your enterprise. You can track and manage any kind of asset in this application. Assets used internally or externally can also be managed in this application. This application is scalable for unlimited assets type and can be customized on any business requirement.



 Add and maintain a complete inventory of assets across your enterprise with different locations

 Segregate assets as per their categories

 Maintains complete records of assets with vendors information

 Maintain inventory of assets with purchase information, license, expiration dates and manufacturer details

 Track history and ownership of assets, and any modifications done on them

 Stay informed about every change in your inventory with automatic email notifications

 Segregate asset information branch wise or location wise

 Generate asset reports branch wise or location wise


 Improve returns on assets

 Helps asset budgeting and forecasting

 Helps in asset tracking and inventory management

 Decrease costs and risk

 Improve asset-related decision making

 Lower’s TCO

 Gain control on asset inventory

 Helps loss detection

 Timely inventory updation and status helps risk reduction